Christmas Treasure

It’s officially time to get into the Christmas Spirit!! We also want to remind everyone that if you post a msg on our Facebook page and Like us then you will receive a coupon code for 10% off your next order. We also want to remind everyone that if you like one of our daily deals then you can call and place an order to have it delivered another day, it doesnt have to be delivered on the same day you order it! That being said, today we are offering our Christmas Treasure arrg, for $39.99!! Call us today at 416-282-4579

Mixed up Friday!!


It’s Friday again and we’re all mixed up!! But I assure you its in a good way! Today we are offering you a 10%off discount when you order a hand tied mixed arrangement at any price!

Dreaming of Daisys

Here at West Hill Florist we know that Christmas is right around the corner but today we wanted to do something a little different and offer a beautiful Daisy Daydream basket for $34.99

Yummy fruit!

Christmas is coming and the mounds of yummy food is sure to come! Therefor today we’ve decided to give you a little tastet of both delicious worlds. We are selling our Fruit and Poinsettia basket that includes a Poinsettia to celebrate the holidays and fruit so that we don’t feel too guilty eating all that yummy holiday food. You can order it today for $49.99 and send it anyday of you want! 

Arrive in Style

We all try and look our best one day or another, no matter where we’re going. That’s why today we are offering our stylish “Arrive in Style” vase arrangement that is sure to look great any day of the week! Call us today and order it for only $39.99
And don’t forget of you Like us on Facebook and post a little hello then we will email you a coupon code for 10%


Today will be a mix of sun and cloud….on Saturday there will be a mix of rain and snow….this morning will be a mix of fog and clear skies!! SOmetimes it feels like the weather channel uses the “mix” a lot!! It’s as if they cant make up their mind so they just say mix and if it goes either way they are safe. So over here at West Hill Florist we have decided to offer you a mixed arrangement that you can pick the colours to  or the designer can and it will only cost $29.99….Because there are somedays that we don’t know what we want so why not send a mix and everyone wins!!

The Color Blue


My whole life I was always in love with the color blue and purple. There was something about them that made them really appealing and joyful. I always thought of blue and purple as being bright, vibrant and full of life! Blue is the color of the bright shiny sky, that when you see it you cant help but smile. It’s the color that we miss throughout the winter months and the color that we are longing for by February. Purple is a product of blue, it is shy and joyful and full of life as well. When I first saw a Blue Delphinium flower it was love at first sight! The color of these flowers would make anyone smile, male or female , young or old it is very versatile that it’ll make everyone smile. Add these flowers today in a beautiful hand tied bouquet for only $29.99